Rescue Essentials Streamline Their Sale Process Using B2B Ninja

Rescue Essentials supplies life-saving equipment to Fire Departments, EMS, the military, and more.

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The Problem: Rescue Essentials’ sales reps were pouring their time into managing quotes from their main customers. They were using a custom code to help manage quotes on an outdated BigCommerce template. After they upgraded, that code became incompatible with their new template.

The Solution: B2B Ninja seamlessly integrates with BigCommerce, eliminating the need for custom, ad hoc solutions, and giving sales teams the freedom to spend less time managing quotes and more time making sales.

The Result: Rescue Essentials’ sales reps save time and money, while converting twice as many quotes into sales thanks to B2B Ninja’s easy-to-use tools and responsive support.

“B2B Ninja saved our sales reps a lot of time, and time is money.” - Barry Smith, Marketing Director of Rescue Essentials

Managing customer quotes and custom pricing for your products can be an exhausting, chaotic and inefficient process. B2B Ninja will not only alleviate these pains but revolutionize your quoting process.

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The Rescue Essentials Success Story

Rescue Essentials provides vital, life-saving equipment to first responders, schools, transportation hubs, and private businesses. Nearly all these customers require a quote and approval before they’re ready to buy. Even with a custom coded solution created for their old BigCommerce template, sales reps were spending time managing quotes and entering data that could have been spent reaching new customers. When they upgraded their BigCommerce template, their custom code failed, leaving Rescue Essentials scrambling to keep up and looking for a cure to their quoting headaches. That’s when Rescue Essentials found B2B Ninja. Today, B2B Ninja allows Rescue Essentials to take the burden of quote management off their sales team.

The Rescue Essentials Success Story

Barry Smith, Marketing Director for Rescue Essentials, shares how B2B Ninja helped transform their business. For over a decade, Rescue Essentials has cultivated a customer base among the military, law enforcement, fire departments, EMS, search and rescue, schools, and more. Nearly every sale they make has to go through a sometimes-lengthy approval process. Their sales reps would have to spend time on the phone with prospective customers, guiding them through the Rescue Essentials BigCommerce storefront before sending the customer a spreadsheet with a quote. And after all that, they still may not receive the customer’s business.

Before finding B2B Ninja, they were using a custom coded solution in an attempt to streamline the process. But their BigCommerce template was outdated. They had to upgrade. When they did, that custom code stopped working. “That really got me thinking ‘there’s got to be a better way,’” says Barry.

He found a better way with B2B Ninja.

Now, customers build their own quote request, and with minimal effort, the Rescue Essentials team is able to quickly get a quote into that customers inbox. From there, the customer can follow a link back to their cart and fulfill the order all on their own. Meanwhile, Barry and his team are free to do what they do best: make sales.

B2B Ninja has made an immediate impact on their business. Their RFQ conversion rate with B2B Ninja is double their standard e-commerce conversion rate.

Barry has heard great reviews of B2B Ninja from his sales staff. “B2B Ninja saved our sales reps a lot of time, and time is money. They can focus on other things.”

Easy to Use

Once Rescue Essentials started using B2B Ninja, Barry was impressed with how fast and easy it was to deploy B2B Ninja on their BigCommerce storefront. From their initial conversations to launching the app took just two weeks. A lot of that time was spent getting everyone on the same page. Even with staff in multiple states, it took Barry just a one-hour presentation to bring his staff up to speed on B2B Ninja. Rescue Essentials needed a quote management tool that was simple, straightforward, and streamlined. That’s one of the things Barry appreciates most about B2B Ninja, “It just does one thing. It’s not a Swiss Army Knife.”

Excellent Support

When Rescue Essentials had questions or needed help adapting B2B Ninja to their business, they received attentive and effective support.

“When it comes to support, B2B Ninja always has our back. They reply quickly, and on the few occasions they didn’t have an immediate fix, they followed up quickly with a solution in good time.” - Barry Smith, Marketing Director of Rescue Essentials

With their committed support, B2B Ninja is helping Rescue Essentials confidently expand their business.