Quote Ninja is now B2B Ninja!

Same team. Same support. New horizons.

Quote Ninja is now B2B Ninja

We've changed our name! 🎉

Same app... for now 🖥

Same People 👨🏾‍💻

Same Billing 🧾

Same Pricing 💸

New Horizons 🌅

Just a new name, and more B2B solutions in the works that we think the market needs. 

All the gory details, and answers to questions we expect you'll have. ⤵️

Why the name change?

  • Our customers continue to ask us to build features well beyond quoting, but almost always related to B2B problems. We want to build the B2B toolkit that you our customers would want to actually use, and earn a healthy return on your investment.

  • We want a name that can grow with us as we solve B2B challenges. 

Will my pricing change? 

  • No, but your current plan will not necessarily grant you immediate access to new modules. There will be upgrade paths, and some modules that become part of the main Quote Module offering at no additional charge. We still firmly believe quotes are one of the most critical processes a B2B business needs to optimize, and is the most essential missing B2B element of BigCommerce. 

Will the modules cost more money? 

  • In all honesty, we've yet to figure any of this out! Our focus is on building a great product first. The rest will follow. 

  • We think most will be an additional fee depending on your plan level. We believe an a la carte option will make the most sense, so you can pay for what you need. 

  • We are not venture backed, but a small bootstrapped team. We need to charge money to be able to keep the internet and servers on :)

  • We promise to be fair to our existing and future users, but doesn't mean these modules will be cheap or free. It doesn't jive with our business model. 

Why not just more apps?

  • It makes more sense to keep it all under one umbrella. This will allow streamlined access, and allows us to better connect the dots for everyone. No one wants to access five different apps to do related tasks. 

What is the timeline?

  • We'll start rolling modules out with basic functionality throughout this year, and hope to have a basic version of many of these by this time next year. 

  • We can't and won't guarantee any dates at this point. 

  • This is a massive undertaking, and we don't outsource our development. We're in it for the long haul. 

  • Great things take time to build. We spend our time focused on building our product, supporting our customer, and on results. Not hype. 

  • As modules become available, you'll see them pop into your dashboard with the option to try them. We don't see an end to the project, but rather a continual evolution.

What modules will you be offering? 

No guarantees here! Things change quickly, and we re-prioritize constantly. We'll never be everything to everyone, but will continue to strive to be a valuable tool in your tech stack. Customer Information Management

  • Lightweight tool to allow you to group customers into companies, assign sales reps to accounts, manage payment methods per account, and see all order / quote history on one screen for that company or buyer. 

  • Some form of easier price management via customer groups, and possibly price lists. (Very TBD) 

  • There are amazing CRMs out there. Our goal is not to reinvent that wheel. There is however plenty of room to provide a better way to manage your customers quotes, orders, and basic business relationship as well as cover some of the gaps we see in BigCommerce in terms of customer information management. ie: the lack of customer account hierarchy. 

  • For marketing automation, and true CRM functionality, we'd recommend exploring the myriad of options available. Our end goal would be to allow our collated information to be pushed to the CRM of your choice. 

Sales / Orders / Quotes Module 

  • We have many updates in the pipeline already for Quotes. Some you've seen rolling out like updated custom shipping and tax. New discount methods and UI will roll out shortly.

  • Order management from our dashboard.

  • Sales rep account assignment.

  • Sales rep commission tracking. (TBD, and likely a later addition.)

  • Essential customer details like LTV, AOV, Total Quote Value, etc.

PO Payment Module. 

  • Ability to allow payment via PO at checkout via file upload. Control payment level at customer and quote level if you have this module. 

Credit Balance Management. 

  • Something we want to tackle, but will take time, and require many of these other modules are complete first. 

Project Lists / Projects / Custom Carts / Flexible list system. 

  • Allow customers and sales reps to build customizable list of items.

  • Can be used to allow customers to manage multiple projects, wish lists, shopping list, etc. Call it what you want. These will work similar to our quote form, but with much more flexibility.  

  • Lists will be shareable, exportable, and convertible to carts, quotes, etc. 

  • An API will be available to create and update these lists programmatically.

  • Sales reps will be able to build and push these lists as well as carts into customers accounts. 

B2B Account Sign Up / Credit Review

  • Allow customers to sign up for an account, and route them through your approval process. 

  • Customers will be able to fill out a credit application with credit references, tax cert, etc. 

  • We'll provide the ability to easily manage and send out credit verification requests to trade references, and for those references to easily confirm that info on a single web page. No more lost emails or faxes, or lazy references not filling your reference form out. This process is antiquated, and needs fixed!

  • Streamline new account onboarding process. (Assign customer group, manage required forms, send customer welcome email etc.) 

Customer Portal

  • Shared Carts and Lists

  • Possible approval workflow

  • Allow customers to easily share their cart for approval via email, or text message.

Reorder Module within the Customer Portal and Sales Dashboard

  • We think re-ordering should be much easier and more intuitive than it is in the standard BigCommerce offering currently. It should be easy for a customer and a sales rep. 

Customer Messaging within the Customer Portal and Sales Dashboard

  • It shouldn't be hard for a customer to message you about an order, and the info shouldn't get lost. They should also be able to reply to a message without the need to login to their account. 

This is the condensed short list... We have identified many problems around B2B we'd like to solve. This is our "short list!" 

Ultimately, we want to provide a flexible toolkit so you can decide what it is your business needs, and easily customize it to fit your business without the need for developers, while still having the ability to augment these tools with the help of a developer should you need/want to. 

This is an ambitions project our small company will be taking on. We appreciate your support and understanding as we start to fully flesh this new offering out. We'll inevitably make a few messes along the way. We apologize in advance, and promise to endeavor to clean them up quickly!

We couldn't do it without your support!

See something we missed? Let us know! We want to build what our customers need, not what we think is cool... Shoot us a reply with any thoughts! We love hearing from you guys :)

Cheers! John & Micah