GTech Fitness Saves Time and Money Using B2B Ninja

GTech Fitness is a supplier of exercise equipment to schools, colleges, and military bases around the country.

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The Problem: GTech Fitness was spending too much time and money keeping up with quotes. They were using a quote management system that did not integrate into BigCommerce, causing repeated manual data entry and major headaches.

The Solution: B2B Ninja is an affordable tool that integrates seamlessly into BigCommerce, allowing for a company to receive, respond to, and manage quotes all in one place. The Result: GTech Fitness reduced 95% of the time initially spent on quote management by using B2B Ninja’s affordable app to eliminate the use of separate and expensive quote building tools, slashing their overhead costs.

“It’s the best investment I have ever made for this business.” - Scott Gutschke, CEO of GTech Fitness

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Managing customer quotes and custom pricing for your products can be an exhausting, chaotic and inefficient process. B2B Ninja will not only alleviate these pains but revolutionize your quoting process.

The GTech Fitness Success Story

GTech Fitness got its start in 2007. Since then, they’ve grown to distribute exercise equipment to a wide range of customers, including high schools, colleges, and the military. Competing against much larger companies, it is a priority that GTech Fitness keep their overhead costs low to stay competitive. GTech’s old quote management system was expensive. Worse than that, it didn’t integrate into BigCommerce. This meant they had to enter data multiple times into multiple platforms, wasting time and money and creating more opportunities for human error. That’s when GTech Fitness discovered B2B Ninja, and it’s revolutionized the way they do business. B2B Ninja integrates seamlessly with BigCommerce, eliminating the need for repetitive manual entry and saving GTech Fitness time and money.

Cost Control for a Competitive Edge

GTech Fitness’ CEO, Scott Gutschke shares his experience using B2B Ninja and the impact it has had on his business.

In the fitness equipment market, customers place a priority on getting the best possible price. Quality and service matter, but price is the determining factor in whether a customer orders from you or from your competitors. Keeping overhead costs under control is crucial. GTech gets a large percentage of their business from schools, government facilities, and military bases, which almost always require quotes get approved before an order goes in. This led to GTech getting bogged down in the quote management process. GTech was using a separate system to manage their quotes and that system did not integrate with BigCommerce. They would spend their time importing products into this system and go back and forth to make sure prices were updated. Customer data was entered manually. Quotes were generated manually. When customers were ready to buy, they called GTech to place the order. It was a huge drain on GTech’s time. “That’s where Quote Ninja has eliminated 95% of that work,” Scott says. The customer inputs their own data. B2B Ninja generates the quote requests, and the sales staff at GTech Fitness sees what bulk discounts they can offer the customer before quickly sending the quote back to go through the customer's approval process. From there, the customer can check out online with the push of a button. “It just takes so much of the work out of the quoting process and that’s freed me up to grow my business in other areas. And that’s what it’s all about.”

A Better Solution at a Better Price

Scott searched for a quoting solution that would save his business time and money. Solutions were few and far between. The options available proved inadequate for GTech Fitness. Compared to B2B Ninja, they were more expensive with less functionality. Even if they helped generate quotes, they didn’t offer customers the ability to place an order themselves through GTech’s storefront. Sales staff would still have to place final orders themselves. Then Scott discovered B2B Ninja. Between the amount of labor B2B Ninja has saved GTech Fitness and the responsive and attentive service they’ve received, Scott hasn’t looked back since.

“I’ve said on several occasions, it’s the best investment I have ever made for this business. Bar none.”