Customer Management

We want to make a lightweight tool to allow you to group customers, assign reps to accounts, and manage payment methods per account

Estimated Release Date: 2022

Customer Management Module

We are excited to announce we are working on building out a B2B Ninja module for customer management!

As we've met and discussed with B2B merchants on BigCommerce functionality they would like, customer management has always been near the top of the list.

We are building a lightweight tool to allow you to group customers into companies, assign sales reps to accounts, manage payment methods per account, and see all order & quote history on one screen for that company or buyer. 

We are also looking to develop some form of easier price management via customer groups, and possibly price lists, but this may be further down the road.

There are amazing CRMs out there. Our goal is not to reinvent that wheel. For marketing automation, and true CRM functionality, we'd recommend exploring the myriad of options available. Our end goal would be to allow our collated information to be pushed to the CRM of your choice. 

There is however plenty of room to provide a better way to manage your customers quotes, orders, and basic business relationship as well as cover some of the gaps we see in BigCommerce in terms of customer information management, ie: the lack of customer account hierarchy.

Let us know your thoughts

We would love to hear from you regarding what would improve your day to day workflow. We cannot solve all the problems but we can hopefully address the highest impact items that most B2B companies share.