Atlanta Light Bulbs Reaches New Customers Using B2B Ninja


The Problem: Atlanta Light Bulbs supplies lighting products to a wide variety of customers through their BigCommerce storefront. A one-price-fits-all approach won’t work; they need to be able to tailor quotes to each specific customer. Some buyers are ready to purchase immediately, while others may be looking for a bulk discount to be applied to their quote.

The Solution: B2B Ninja seamlessly integrates with BigCommerce to provide quote buttons to the storefront, so customers have the freedom to choose how they want to move forward.

The Result: Atlanta Light Bulbs can now provide quotes that fit their customers regardless of order size or industry. They can provide a quote for customers who may not be ready to buy right away, encouraging them to come back when the time is right.

We get hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in business from using B2B Ninja.

Doug Root, CEO of Atlanta Light Bulbs

Managing customer quotes and custom pricing for your products can be an exhausting, chaotic and inefficient process. B2B Ninja will not only alleviate these pains but revolutionize your quoting process.

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The Atlanta Light Bulbs Success Story

Since 1981, Atlanta Light Bulbs has grown from a local vendor to a supplier of light bulbs, fixtures, and controls to national and international customers. They sell to warehouses, doctors’ offices, contractors, and even homeowners.

Different customers have different needs. A doctor’s office may need a few highly specialized bulbs while a warehouse manager might need a large order of bulbs, fixtures, and controls. Back when business was done face-to-face, this was no problem. But with so many customers going to their website instead, Atlanta Light Bulbs couldn’t possibly provide manually created quotes to all of their customers.

Enter B2B Ninja.

Since Atlanta Light Bulbs started using B2B Ninja, they’ve sent out thousands of quotes using the application. They’re able to apply specialized pricing for each of these quotes, enabling them to reach customers who might otherwise be turned off by the one-size-fits-all pricing of a traditional online shopping cart.

Reaching a Diverse Customer Base

Doug Root, CEO of Atlanta Light Bulbs talks about how quote ninja has helped his company reach a diverse customer base that stretches around the world.

Atlanta Light Bulbs diverse customer base spans multiple sectors across the country and even overseas.

In addition to juggling the needs of vastly different customers, Atlanta Light Bulbs was also dealing with a massive change in how business was done. Back when sales reps relied on face-to-face contact, it was easy to give customers what the right treatment for their specific needs. But things have changed. Many buyers now rely solely on online ordering.

A traditional online storefront with a single “Add to Cart” button may be convenient, but it comes with a major drawback. One customer may be ordering five lightbulbs, but another customer may have hundreds of units in their cart. Atlanta Light Bulbs needs to make sure they give their customers the right price breaks to ensure they get their business.

B2B Ninja was the solution for Atlanta Light Bulbs.

“We get opportunities and we get requests that we definitely wouldn’t get otherwise. We get hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in business from B2B Ninja.”

Doug even found a way to use B2B Ninja to appeal to two very different types of buyer. Atlanta Light Bulbs has two buttons on their page, “Add to Quote” and “Volume Pricing.”

Both of those buttons give the customer a quote from B2B Ninja. ALB can use B2B Ninja to give volume discounts to people who don’t even know they’re getting them!

Easy to Use with Robust Support

B2B Ninja integrates seamlessly into Atlanta Light Bulb’s sales process. “One just came in two minutes ago for $10,577.30. We probably had 15 quotes come in today over $50,000,” Doug says.

When an RFQ comes in, Doug’s sales manager will simply put it into their CRM and follow up with the customer. Even if they’re not ready to buy, they can come back when the time is right.

This ease-of-use is backed up with excellent support. “If I need something, we email them or chat them and they are right there responding quickly.” This ease-of-use combined with attentive support has helped Atlanta Light Bulb expand their already diverse customer base.