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Who We Are

B2B Ninja was started when John McCann identified the need for a more robust quoting solution for his own business. After becoming frustrated by a cumbersome and antiquated quoting process he searched for a software solution. However, he found the industry was lacking a reasonably priced and versatile quoting tool that focused on the needs of the modern business. Rather than accepting the lack of a solution, John began sketching out his vision for a proper solution.

Working closely with technical co-founder Micah Thomas, who understood John’s eCommerce needs, the vision became a reality and the innovative Quote to Order app was born in 2014.

In rolling out B2B Ninja to the eCommerce community, John and Micah quickly adopted a “business first” development process. Using this methodology, the app is built to fit the needs of the businesses and the users served. While this seems obvious, it means that development challenges can be substantially more complicated. Nothing is added to B2B Ninja arbitrarily, or without critical analysis.

Flexibility is built into the design process so that the app can adapt to various businesses to meet their unique needs. Processes that are found to produce less than stellar results are refined and continuously improved upon. The impact has been substantial when multiplied across the more than 125 enterprises worldwide who rely on B2B Ninja today.


More than half a billion dollars-worth of quotes have been generated through B2B Ninja in the span of just a few years. These numbers continue to climb at an exponential rate, and while the team has grown, John and Micah remain the sole owners of the company and continue to make decisions based on what is best for the app and their users.

The focus is not on growth for the sake of growth, but on building and maintaining long-term mutually profitable relationships with their customers; and B2B Ninja is still excited by each and every new customer, and the overwhelming positive impact they have on those businesses revenue.

Putting B2B Ninja to Work For You

We know that quotes are on the critical path of revenue generation resulting in your financial sustainability and growth. B2B Ninja is a streamlined quoting app that allows your customers to easily build quotes from your storefront in just a few clicks. Sales reps can view, manage, and create quotes from a centralized dashboard—leaving more time for increased sales generation and better customer service.

Our Manifesto

B2B Ninja believes that quote documents must be flexible, and the system must have the capability to integrate with other systems. It should be easy to use for customers and sales reps alike. The real magic happens when you can streamline the quoting process from all perspectives at all touch points.

  • It should be easy for the customer to request a quote.

  • It should be easy for a sales rep to respond to that request with a fully validated quote in under a minute.

  • It should be easy to track and keep tabs on a customer’s order.

Most of all, this seamless process should require little to no maintenance. No extra database to maintain. No extra payment gateways.

We believe that your system should represent your brand and should provide a generous return on your investment. For such a critical piece of your business, it’s imperative that you use the right tool for the job.

This is our B2B Ninja manifesto.